Inset Maps with Power BI Shape Maps

Inset maps – sometimes known as locator maps –  are small maps that sit alongside a main map and act provide context for the main map.  They are often used for example when a main map shows a close-up of a region, to show where that region sits within a larger area such as a […]

Choropleth Map

Creating topojson map files for Power BI Shape Maps with

Shape maps or Choropleth maps are a great way to visualise spatial information where the data needs to represented in some predefined area such as a country, county, or smaller area.  Choropleth maps are especially useful for comparing differences between areas, and representing the data as a ratio of some other variable, such as the […]

Heat maps in Power BI

As of the March 2019 update, Power BI includes a heat map option available through the existing map visual.  It works well and is a welcome addition to the built in map features of Power BI, but there are a few issues to consider. There is a also a custom visual heatmap published by a […]

Foreign key constraints in data warehouses

I’ve had a recent engagement troubleshooting some data warehouse/ETL issues, one of which was some broken referential integrity (RI) between a fact table and its dimensions. This made me think about a recurrent issue in data warehouse design which is should you use foreign key constraints. So, here’s my current thinking/practice on the issue for […]

Power BI at Powys County Council

I recently completed my first engagement as an independent consultant.  The project was to design and build a comprehensive set of Power BI dashboards to showcase the various datasets that contribute to , or impact the well-being of the people of Powys. I worked with the Business Intelligence team in Powys between April and July […]