Power BI at Powys County Council

I recently completed my first engagement as an independent consultant.  The project was to design and build a comprehensive set of Power BI dashboards to showcase the various datasets that contribute to , or impact the well-being of the people of Powys.

I worked with the Business Intelligence team in Powys between April and July this year. The project was completed on time which was helped due to the adoption of Agile working practices by the team in Powys.  The datasets were comprised mainly of internal data sources and public data published by the Welsh government on its data portal statwales.gov.wales.

Statwales publishes many of its datasets to the Odata specification, which makes consuming the data in Power BI projects very straightforward.  And Power BI makes it an awful lot easier than consuming the same data via SSIS in a traditional BI project!

Many of the dashboards and reports have a spatial element.  I spent sometime reviewing the mapping capabilities of various mapping visuals in Power BI and have a separate blog post (in prep) on mapping in Power BI.

The map visual used mostly throughout the project was the shapefile custom visual, which is still in Preview.  However, it proved to be perfectly stable for use in this project.

I worked with a very talented data-visualisation expert from the Powys BI team who added some much needed style and polish to the finished reports and while I am extremely pleased with the finished versions of the reports I can only claim partial responsibilty for this!

Here is a sample of the work below and there’s many more on the Powys Wellbeing Information Bank Portal.  If you need help with Power BI or other data related projects, please get in touch!

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